the low fodmap life

fodmap is an acronym for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides & polyols, carbs that easily ferment in the gut causing bloating, pain & discomfort to individuals who poorly digest or malabsorb these carbs. 

this is my journal of the low fodmap meals i prepare for my husband, who is one of these unfortunate individuals.

as a dyed in the wool foodie, i refuse to accept that special diets of any kind necessarily sacrifice taste, texture or the ability to satisfy the foodie soul as much as the stomach and the nutritional needs of the body. i strive at every meal, to put something on our table that will optimally nourish the body and deeply satisfy the soul. 

the recipes here are always low fodmap and gluten free and frequently but not necessarily vegan. our diet avoids sugar and processed foods, emphasises fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fibre, minimal cooking, healthy fats and vegetable protein. every now and then, we have a little lean animal protein. the baking recipes usually do not include eggs simply because i dislike the flavour and aroma eggs impart to baked goods. we cook with olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and sesame oil and we occasionally indulge in butter. we do not count calories, we only avoid unhealthy fats and we enjoy most things (except fodmaps!)in moderation.

going low fodmap has relieved practically all of my husband's symptoms and elevated our energy levels and sense of wellbeing. the cherry on top has been our unexpected weight loss, without hunger, calorie counting or exercise. 

we're now high on the low fodmap way of life and we're not looking back.

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